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Directory submission is a practice in search engine optimization (SEO) where a website or its pages are submitted to online directories.

Directory Submission Service

Directory submission is a component of off-page SEO where a website is submitted to online directories or web directories. The purpose is to enhance visibility on the internet and potentially gain backlinks. There are general and niche-specific directories, with a focus on quality over quantity for SEO impact. While directory submissions were historically important for link-building, search engines now prioritize high-quality, contextual backlinks. Local businesses benefit from submitting to local directories for improved local SEO. The process involves providing website details, and periodic reviews are necessary for accuracy and relevance. It’s crucial to diversify link-building strategies beyond directory submissions and prioritize reputable directories.

Our Process

The directory submission process involves several steps to effectivelysubmit a website to online directories.


Identify and research relevant online directories that align with your business niche or industry. Choose reputable directories with a history of quality listings.

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Gather essential information about your website, including its name, URL, a brief description, and relevant keywords. Some directories may also require additional details.

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Review the submission guidelines of each selected directory. Adhere to their rules and ensure your website meets their criteria for inclusion.

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Navigate to the submission section of each directory and enter the required information about your website. This typically includes the website’s title, URL, description, and any additional details requested.

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After submitting your website details, confirm the submission according to the directory’s process. Some directories may require email verification or manual approval.

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Regularly monitor the status of your directory submissions. Ensure that your listings remain accurate, and update them if there are any changes to your website information. Remove listings from low-quality or irrelevant directories.

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